What's your Vape Temp?

- Perfect your Vape by Perfecting you Vape Temp! From Pens to Desktop Vape's, We have the knowledge a Vapurist will Need! We are "clearing" the cloudy air on the best temps for your smoke-free activities and ensuring proper technique when vaping weed, concentrates, tobacco, herbs, and more! You deserve the right temp for your vaporizer and medical benefits!

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  • Medical Cannabis Cards in Baltimore, Maryland

    Hey VaporizerTemp fans, we’re happy to announce that medical marijuana doctors are now starting to reserve appointments to get your medical marijuana card in Baltimore and the rest of Maryland state. With a variety of doctors coming out of the woodwork, be wary of fake doctors and fake cards. There have been reports of compeletely […]

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  • Get High is Giving Away a 43 inch 4k HDTV!

    Check this out from our friends at Get High:   Get High 43in 4k LED HDTV Giveaway

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  • herbalizer vaporizer and weed

    How to Properly Clean Your Vape

    Ever taken that new, fresh atomizer out of the box, put your favorite e-juice in and gotten a not-so-flavorful hit? Or switched out your e-juice for another flavor only to get a hit of two mingling flavors that might not taste so great? Don’t worry. We’ve all done it. It just means that you need […]

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  • The Best Medical Marijuana Websites

    We’ve scoured through the internets to find the best medical marijuana websites in the world! 1) Get High – Gethigh.com is the our favorite resource for a number of reasons.  They offer great articles on activisim, vaporizers, strains and ebibles, dispensaries, and medical marijuana.  The picture and video sections will also hold you hostage for […]

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  • Question – Can I vape weed in an E-cig?

    Short answer, maybe.  Long answer, we do not recommend it.  The glycerin-based nicotine oil in e-cigs is inherently different from marijuana.  This means that the device used it not meant to use the same temperature needed for cannabis, and the hardware is not built for the flower substance and after-effects.  We recommend a vape pen […]

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  • OG kush Vaporizer Temperatures

    When you have a heavy strain like OG Kush, be sure to grind the flower properly to enable proper temperature flow.  I recommend a 340-360F temperature to access the lower temp terpenes that release the flavors of the flower.  If you are looking for a thicker vaporization of the OG Kush, you can bring the […]

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