What is the best Vaporizer Temperature for Wax?

The best vaporizer temperature for wax, like many things in life, depends on a number of important factors.  Wax comes in a variety of consistencies, all with different activation temperature points.

When vaporizing wax, it is important to test a small amount in your vaporizer first, to ensure your temperature is not too high, which can cause your wax to liquefy too quickly, which allows for it to fall deep into your vape before fully activating all of the thc and cbd.  A slow consistent temp is important for even distribution throughout your sticky dab of wax, leading to the perfect vape dab.  I actually enjoy slow roasting my wax on a bed on finely ground cannabis flower, which at 380F and above is sure to activate even the thickest of wax dabs.  A steady 380F – 400F flow of heat to the dab is always better than a maxed out 425F, that tends to quickly evaporate your wax in the vaporizer, and possibly cause carcinogens to be released from any impurities in the concentrate.

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